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Our certified eyelash technicians are devoted to beautifying your eyes.

Classic Lash Extensions

Do you want to feel confident and comfortable with you eyelashes? We do just that! With our classic lash extensions we're able to elevate your lash game while keeping it tame and discrete. We want your natural beauty to be the focal point of your face!

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What Do You Get?

A full set of high-end semi-permanent Classic Eyelash Extensions, completely customized to flatter your eye shape in length, thickness, and placement to give you the look you’re craving.

How Long Will The Classic Lashes Take?

Obviously we strive for complete lash perfection so if extra time is needed to get it right we will be sure to do so. That being said, the typical classic lash extension appointment is approximately 60 to 120 minutes.

We recommend all clients show up 5 - 10 minutes early to our home-based studio in Abbotsford!

How Long Do Classic Eyelash Extensions Last For?

It depends! Many of our clients are able to keep them looking pristine for up to 6 weeks. The best thing to do is avoid picking at your fake lashes and try not to sleep on them.

Ask about our Quick Touch-Up sessions so that you can improve the look and longevity of your lashes!

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