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Essential Oil Products California

California essential oils are perfect for unwinding and creating the ideal ambiance in your home or office. In addition, they uplift mood and improve sleep quality. However, there are so many essential oil products on the market, making it difficult for beginners to determine the best option for them. If you are wondering, what are the most popular essential oil scents? Minty, floral, and fruity essential oil products are our best sellers. They have corresponding effects such as energizing, relaxing, and healing.

Essential Oil Singles

Our powerful essential oils are extracted from farm-grown herbs and plants. Savor the scents from peppermint to eucalyptus as you feel the different effects. Make the most of your aromatherapy by experiencing the single notes.

Essential Oil Blends

Clients often ask, what are the best essential oil blends? With over 80 pure and natural blends to choose from, enjoy transforming your mood and senses. When diffused into the air, they transform the environment into a calming atmosphere. Improve your skincare routine by diluting them and making them your everyday companions.

Dietary Essential Oils

Add flavor to your favorite foods by using the dietary essential oils. Healthily experience your favorite essential oil. With our food-grade oils, whip up new recipes or improve your family's favorite meal.


Our prediluted roll-on is pocket size and easy to travel with, allowing you to carry your bottled scent everywhere you go. Swipe over your wrists during your busy, hectic days and glide them over your skin when you want to sleep.

Massage Oils

Some days, we know that you want to lie on a massage table as your tension knots are rubbed away. Our grade massage oils leave your skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Aroma families

Essential oils are grouped according to similar characteristics. Balsamic aroma family has warm, soft, sweet, and earthy scents with a hint of floral and spicy undertones. They carry the scent of the forest and the balsam trees. Balsamic oils have a soothing and peaceful effect.

We have often been asked what essential oil blends well with thieves? I have to say coniferous scents because they exude earthy and woody scent since they come with sharp and energizing outdoor smells. Other essential oil families you may try include lemon, ginger, citronella, and palmarosa. Essential oil scents may vary, even for products in the same family because of plants growing conditions.

Aroma families can further be subdivided into notes. The note is the feature that differentiates how long a scent will last. Notes can be top, middle, or base. Other oils have multiple notes that give them luxurious and full-bodied qualities.

Oil blends change with time because they have different degrees of volatility. Their diverse rates of evaporation are what causes the changes in the potency of the scent.

What essential oils smell good together? Create a balanced essential oil blend by mixing two top note oils, two middle note oils, and one base note oil.

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Essential Oil Products California