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Feeling beautiful shouldn’t be a laborious or stress-filled chore

Let’s be honest girls... We have all been in the situation where we woke up late and had to scramble to apply our mascara, curl our lashes, and apply a dozen other cosmetic products; causing us to feel stressed, unsatisfied, and worst of all... LATE!

“After years of scrambling to get ready in the morning I had enough! There has to be a better way to speed up my makeup process and still look put-together.”

Drum Roll Please…! Lashes Microblading!

While searching for long-term solutions to my recurring morning dilemma I discovered microblading, which, by the way is AMAZING!

This new - to me - discovery was an eye-opening realization of how the cosmetic and beauty industry is constantly transforming, innovating, and problem-solving.

In hopes of finding additional ways to expedite my morning routine I asked my fellow beauty babes what they do...

This finally brings us to: Lash Extensions. The answer to my “long-term” beauty routine. The holy grail, if you will.

Schooling + Practicing = Perfection

After several months of testing out whether lash extensions worked for me, or not. It became very clear I was hooked. Shortly thereafter I enrolled in one of the leading lash technician programs in the Fraser Valley.

Committed to the Beautification of All Women

FlutterFlirt is devoted to beautifying our clients using the highest grade products and cutting edge application processes so us ladies can wake up feeling and looking glamorous weeks at a time!

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